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Lim Ok-Sang


Lim Ok Sang* (¿"ø¡ªÛ) was born in 1950.
He lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. I first encountered Lim Ok Sang and his work in 1984.
His direct, politically engaged, highly-accessible work provided a model unlike any that I had encountered in
the United States. While the political situtation in Korea has changed dramatically since the early '80s
Lim Ock Sang continues to produce work that pushes the edge.

*In Korean the family name comes first. Pronounced Im Oak Sahng.




Barley Field, 1983, 296x137cm, oil on canvas



Happiness, 1983,138x217, oil on canvas

Mother, 1988,135x120, oil on canvas

Face, 1986, 46x35, cast paper


In 1997 the Alternative Museum in NYC published an exhibition catalogue in conjunction with an exhibition of Lim Ok Sang's work. As far as I know it is the only publication available in the USA on Lim's work.

Some of Lim Ock Sang's multi-media work.

Lim Ock Sang is represented by Gana Art Gallery.

If you are really interested in his work try this Google Search: "¿Óø¡ªÛ"


Images on this page are copyright Lim Ock Sang.


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