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Pyke Koch

While not as well known as some of the German "magic realists" the Dutch painter Pyke Koch made some
very odd and compelling images. When travelling through Europe in 1984 I made a sketch of
Pyke Koch's painting of a chimney sweep (the only 20th century painting that I bothered to sketch
on that trip). A few years later when I found a reproduction of this painting in a book I was taken
by how similar the work I was doing was to this


Staand schoorsteenveger II, 1944, 78.5x45.5, oil on panel


Portret Jkvr. J.C. van Boetzelaaer (groot), 1954, 52x35cm, oil on panel


Extase, 1967, 60.5x75cm, oil on canvas



All images on this page are copyright Pyke Koch.


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