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* While you will find a variety of kinds of art included on these pages the selection is somewhat biased towards conceptually engaged representational painting. By making these links I do not mean to suggest that all the artists are making work of equal "quality". While my inclusion of a link indicates my opinion that there is at least some reason to check out an artist's work there are a number of artists here whose work I regard as problematic for one reason or another. I assume that you, kind visitor, are no less capable of critical discernment.

These pages are updated occasionally so check back. New links are noted each time site is updated. If you know of an artist's site that you think I should check out please contact me. The symbol @ indicates artists who I would very much like to have a (better or additional) link to: If you know of any such links please click on the @ and write me a note. Thanks.



Please note that all images reproduced on the links pages are copyright of their respective makers.


Reference and group art related sites of note:

Art indexes and directories

Ciudad de la Pinura 8.2004

Olympo Art 4.2003

World Wide Arts Resources 6.2000 6.2000

ARTOTAL 6.2000

ArtListings 6.2000

Internet ArtResources


UCLA Art Websites 6.2000

OCAIW: Orazio Centaro's Art Images on the Web - Index


Mark Harden's Artchive


Directories by nation, region, ethnicity...

Artinvest2000 (mainly Italian) 12.2000

ARTIST INDEX Kansai (Japan) 12.2000

Russian Painting Collectors Club 12.2000

junge-kunst 7.2000

CCCAnet Menu 7.2000 This is an unusually good national (in this case Canadian) artists directory.

Darat al Funun 6.2000

artStudio (Italian art) 6.2000

Contemporary Arab Women's Art 6.2000


Artist group sites

ADhocism 6.2000

Het Noordelijke Realisme Dutch realist painting 6.2000

The Seavest Collection of Contemporary Americam Realism 6.2000

Universes in Universe - Site Map (English)

The World's Women On-Line!


Museum sites

The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia --

National Gallery of Canada - Muse e des Beaux-Arts du Canada


gescheidle (representing Tim Lowly in Chicago)

Koplin Del Rio Gallery (representing Tim Lowly in Los Angeles)

Corridor Press (published a Lowly lithograph)

Adair Margo Art Gallery (representing Tim Lowly in El Paso)

Chicago Art Dealers Association

Forum Gallery

Galerie de Bellefeuille : Figure Humaine, 1999

Marlborough Gallery

Uncomfortable Spaces, Chicago


ARTseenSOHO - Art Archive 8.2000 This site provides essays with visuals on various New York Gallery exhibitions.

Chicago Art Critics Assocation

Fred Camper

The Chicago Reader

Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion


  indicates the exsistence of a recipricol link


Donna Adler             


andi and i

Azure Ray

Andrew Bemis                 



Blue Mother Tupelo                                                       


Ripley Caine

Rebecca Campbell

Cat Power                                                                                                       

Bruce Cockburn                                

Andrew Collins                                                                                                

Jim Croegaert

Robert Deeble

Kris Delmhorst

Ani Difranco


Brian Eno

Peter Gabriel

PJ Harvey                                                                                   

Robin Holcomb

Jesca Hoop                        

Lorna Hunt

The Innocence Mission

Iron & Wine                                                                                



William Lazarus

Sharon Lewis                      (includes a wonderful video by her former band Pooka)


Dougie Maclean


Jennifer Marks

Angie Mattson



Juana Molina                        


1 Mile North


                 Over The Rhine                          

Arvo Pärt                                

Sam Phillips                                                                                       


Henry Pleas

Rose Polenzani                  



Mike Reeb                           


Robbie Robertson

Garnet Rogers

Kate Rusby

Rachel Sage                                                                                    

Yuichiro Fujimoto              


Jane Siberry                                               

Sufjan Stevens                                                                        


Rosie Thomas                                                                       

Michelle Tumes

Tom Waits

The Weepies

Gillian Welch

Mimori Yusa


Other sites of possible interest:

one art design | web presence for artists

Welcome to Action Fx Photoshop Actions Resources

Font Depot---Your one stop place for True Type Fonts. Great source for free fonts.

Designs4Free, Clipart, Backgrounds, Animated Gifs, and more -

FTP - Fria program arkiv - Mac/Internet/

Search engines registration and submission

Art Of Business Web Site Promotion


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