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While you will find a variety of kinds of art included on these pages the selection is somewhat biased towards conceptually engaged representational painting. By making these links I do not mean to suggest that all the artists are making work of equal "quality". While my inclusion of a link indicates my opinion that there is at least some reason to check out an artist's work there are a number of artists here whose work I regard as problematic for one reason or another. I assume that you, kind visitor, are no less capable of critical discernment.

These pages are updated occasionally so check back. New links are noted each time site is updated. If you know of an artist's site that you think I should check out please contact me. Please be aware that in order to keep this links section managable I can only include a fraction of the sites that are suggested. The symbol @ indicates artists who I would very much like to have a (better or additional) link to: If you know of any such links please click on the @ and write me a note. Thanks.



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James Hague

Susan Hall



John Hansen

Dennis Harper



 Matti Hartikainen


 Ellen Harvey



 Tim Hawkinson


Wim Heldens

 Gottfried Helnwein


 Mary Henderson


Bruce Herman


Hector Herrera


Israel Hershberg

David JP Hooker

Tom Hopkins


Jeff Hoppa


Brent Houston


 Amy Huddleston


 Yasuko Iba


 Denis Ichitovkin





Kenichiro Ishiguro

Sam Ivie

Kathryn Jacobi

Theo Jansen


 Andreas Jauss

Fabian Jean

Edgar Jerins


Jess @


Xue Jiye

Sophie Jodoin


 James W Johnson



Jarik Jongman

Leeah Joo


Manfred W. Jürgens

 Y. Z .Kami


Ben Kamihira


Alex Kanevsky


Ryan Kapp

Laura Karetzky

David Jon Kassan


Naoto Kawahara

Brendan Kelly

Wolfgang Kessler


 Wonsook Kim


Patrick King

David Klamen


Jan Knap




 Karin Kneffel



 Kris Knight



 Pyke Koch


Kore-eda Hirokazu
tim's favorite living film maker

 Juul Kraijer

Grzegorz Król


Zai Kuang


 Damon Lamar Reed

 Laura Lasworth



 Jodie Lawrence

 Margaret Lazzari


Louise LeBourgeois


Lee Jae Sam


Jin Lee


 Riva Lehrer


David M Lenz



David Carmack Lewis

David Ligare



 Lim Ok-Sang


David Linn


 Lui Liu



 Qimin Liu

Damian Loeb


Patte Loper



 Antonio López García

For myself, this is the single most inflluential artist.

Manuel López Villaseñor


Michal Lukasiewicz


 Cherith Lundin

 Norman Lundin


Loretta Lux


Robert John MacMillan

Jan De Maesschalk

Angel Busca Maganto

Alan Magee



Perin Mahler

 Nikolai Makarov



 Margherita Manzelli

Jose Marchi

 Diane Marsh


 Ann Marshall

 Kerry James Marshall

 Enrique Martínez Celaya



Shiori Matsumoto


 Teruyuki Matsuyama



 Christen Mattix


 Mary McCleary


 Cecil McDonald

Jennifer Mcrae

 Cyn McCurry



 Mary Beth McKenzie

 Cliff McReynolds


Armin Mersmann


Thomas Metcalf



Marlene Miller

Alyssa Monks

Sungsic Moon

Joaquin Morales


Deborah Morrissey-McGoff

Vic Muniz


Walter Murch


Nina Murdoch


Ethan Murrow

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