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While you will find a variety of kinds of art included on these pages the selection is somewhat biased towards conceptually engaged representational painting. By making these links I do not mean to suggest that all the artists are making work of equal "quality". While my inclusion of a link indicates my opinion that there is at least some reason to check out an artist's work there are a number of artists here whose work I regard as problematic for one reason or another. I assume that you, kind visitor, are no less capable of critical discernment.

These pages are updated occasionally so check back. New links are noted each time site is updated. If you know of an artist's site that you think I should check out please contact me. Please be aware that in order to keep this links section managable I can only include a fraction of the sites that are suggested. The symbol @ indicates artists who I would very much like to have a (better or additional) link to: If you know of any such links please click on the @ and write me a note. Thanks.



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 Eduardo Naranjo

Rita Natarova

 John Nava


 Alice Neel

 Odd Nerdrum

William A. Newman

 Enjeong Noh


Sérgio Nunes

 Helen Oh



David Ohlerking II


Nnenna Okore

Shimon Okshteyn

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri

Yoko Oonaka


David Orth

Giorgio Ortona



 Naruki Oshima



 Thomas Paquette


 Suellen Parker


 Gerard Pas



 Marion Peck

Sara Pedigo

 Evan Penny


 Keith Perelli


 Jim Peters


Jim Phalen

 Rein Pol


Mary Pratt


Catherine Prescott

David Quinn


 Isabella Quintanilla


Dean Ramos

Carl Randall

Judith Raphael

Rebecca Raven

 Paula Rego



 Leslie Reid

Karen Reimer





 Richard Rezac

Monica Rezman

Cali Rezo


Andreas Ribbung

Gerhard Richter


 Bruce Riley


Charles Ritchie

 Philippa Robbins


Lenny Piroth Robert

Josephine Sheridan Robinson

Mario A. Robinson


  Deborah Rockman



 Ramiro Rodriguez


Elisa Rossi

Jean-Pierre Roy

Kay Ruane


Gretchen Ryan


Michael X Ryan



 Mark Ryden

John Sabraw



Jan Valentin Saether



Chris Scarborough

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Scattergood-Moore Links




Deidre Scherer

Christopher Schneberger


Joe Schneider

Gregory Halvorsen Schreck


Anna Schuleit


Bob Schultz

 Jonathan Seliger


Hiroshi Senju

James Sheehan


Joel Sheesley


Peter Sheesley


 Robert Shetterly



 Peter & Sylvia Siddell


Shahzia Sikander

 Nicholas Sistler



Steven Skollar

 Aaron Smith



 Clive Smith

 Jack Smith


 Reinhardt Søbye

Daniel Sprick


Molly Springfield



 David Jay Spyker


Tyler Stallings


David Stanger

Kenneth Steinbach

Adam Stennett



 Christopher Stevens


Chris Stoffel

 Timothy Stotz


 Yoshihiro Suda


 Sandra Sue


Atsushi Suwa

 Jon Swihart


Michael Ryan Taylor 


Sunny Taylor


Tim Timmerman

David Tindle

Maria Tomasula



 George Tooker


Maggie Toole

Bernardo Torrens

Frank Trankina


Stephan Jon Tramer

Herman Tulp


Luc Tuymans



 Rene Tweehuysen



Kent Twitchell

Nicolas Uribe


 James Valerio


Jaime Valero


Dino Valls


 Timothy Van Laar

Elona VanGent

Costa Vavagiakis

Timothy Vermeulen


Suzanne Vincent


Sanjay Vora

 Robert Van Vranken


Scott Waddell

Peter Waite



Victor Wang


Ulrika Wärmling



 Jill Waskowsky

 No website yet for Jill,
click on the image for
her portrait of
Tim and Temma Lowly.


Mathieu Weemaels

 Melissa E Weinman



 Ruth Weisberg

Jurate Weiss



Eric Wert

 Mark Wethli



John Whalley


 Patty Wickman

Aron Wiesenfeld


Gerrit Wijngaarden

Kehinde Wiley



 Tim Wilson

 Will Wilson


Paul Winstanley

Jerome Witkin @



Paul Wittenbraker @

David Wittig


Jessica Wohl



Jordan Wolfson


 Ed Wong Ligda


Michael Workman

Stuart Pearson Wright

Kumi Yamashita


 Kreg Yingst


Boris Zaborov 

Kristoffer Zetterstrand 



 Zhang Hontu


 Brenda Zlamany



Peter Zokosky


"Clever people master life: the wise illuminate it and create fresh difficulties." - Emil Nolde


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